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Trigger, Trigger reaction, and the ability to program the human psyche.

"The brainwasher aims at arousing hatred and then pro- 
jecting it against a target chosen by the Politbureau. The 
individual may have nothing against this person or group, 
but it becomes his enemy willy-nilly. The brainwasher's task 
is to focus the specially fanned or artificially created hate on 
the man's own friends, society, and country. They, not him- 
self (the brainwasher), are to blame for his troubles. ~ Edward Hunter 1956

(note to reader - this is lower mid level strategic node that utilizes stimulus-response a.k.a. conditioned reflex and that here neither stimulate nor the word trigger can be termed as an individual stimulus other than in the Hierarchical model of the entire node, which would be ineffective without the entire chain. Thus, remember that though these words have been used have the same meanings, in certain areas are of a differing terminology when used within a whole chain, even though this node is tactically sound for creating a conditioned stimulus, it is here being used to implant Ideology through controlled poverty and must be thought of as a chain of events that include many different stimulus-response.)
"Stimulate the "trigger" and reward for correct "trigger reaction" until the "trigger" itself becomes the "stimulus" and the "trigger reaction" becomes "involuntary reflex action". ~ Please note that this is a communist tactic and is done by communists who will stop at nothing to try to make you believe it is the C.I.A. doing it. The section on boot camp is just to show the tweaking of the survival instinct and not to implicate the military, who is using a technique that is much older than "conditioned reflexes", and which is also done to benefit the soldier unlike "conditioned reflexes".

 Trigger, Trigger reaction, and the ability to program the human psyche.

In this Chapter we will be introduced into the fundamental basic psychology, military psychology, and also the more advanced mental programming techniques that are made possible through technology and or bio-technologies, e.g. psychotropics. Before we begin however, I would like to take a few paragraphs to explain some form of ethical and moral ideology, that will prepare the reader for the informational transformation that they are about to undergo.

“Power is responsibility, responsibility is power, the two are the same and not mutually exclusive of one another”. ~ Frederick Lombardi ~ self

If, for example someone were to acquire power through brute force, subversive ideology, or otherwise negative means, they would assuredly lose that same power as quickly as they had gained it. However, If someone gained power through creating infrastructure, strengthening the public welfare, and educating the masses, the potential for a stable and long term power balance within the system grows in accordance with the growth of satiation.

Let us not misunderstand, the infrastructure must also include security and defense mechanisms in order to create an overall “safety net” for which the people would be responsible for ensuring the qualitative existent nature. In order to understand the fundamental principal with which I base my ideology, one needs only study the rise and fall of kingdoms throughout time.

Basic Fundamental Psychology

A psychological trigger is something, anything, physical, mental, emotional, literally anything, that is causal in nature and relative to reactionary parameters. By definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary we find: 2Trigger; verb – transitive verb - 2
: to initiate, actuate, or set off by a trigger <an indiscreet remark that triggered a fight> <a stimulus that triggered a reflex>
A psychological trigger reaction is the causal result of the psychological trigger.

Of course there are many different types of of trigger and trigger reaction which we shall delve into more later, most specifically, psychological trauma triggers and the resultant psychological trauma trigger reactions.

For now however, I would ensure the reader, in depth analysis and underlying causal relations between trigger and trigger reactions.

All trigger, trigger reaction relation depend on one basic factor, survival instinct ( unconditioned reflex ). Understanding that survival instinct is what every trigger, trigger relation relies upon, is key to understanding the algorithmic matrices of the human psyche. Everything a person does throughout daily existence is based solely on survival ( survival is a purely physiological action dependent upon several key factors including the chemicals in the blood.) Even propagation is a form of survival. Survival Instinct is the inner Matrix which cannot be altered or the psyche could be damaged in the attempt. The purposeful alteration of the inner Matrix could cause insanity, death, or could be used to cause someone to kill another person or group of people, which we will get into later. It can however be manipulated through trigger, trigger reaction implantation. So, survival instinct which cannot be altered without causing damage to the entire psyche is called the inner "Matrix", this we are born with and is constant. The trigger, trigger reactions, associated triggers and associated trigger reactions are the "manipulators" and "variables" which must follow a strict syntax. The entire psyche is called the "algorithmic matrices". ( see diagram 1.1 for a basic centre or trigger cell )

Now that we understand that triggers rely on survival instinct in order to initiate a trigger reaction, and that all human psychological existence is based on survival ( e.g. Trigger---> ( whereas )survival instinct (is a term that is being used for unconditioned reflex, since there are no true instincts other than mere chemicals in the blood )--->Trigger reaction ) we are ready to study an example.

(note to reader - here the example uses the same words as the lower mid level node, though is a basic example of stimulus response.)
As a driver approaches a red light at an intersection the red light becomes in psychological terms a “trigger”. Survival instinct kicks in and a “trigger reaction” occurs, which in this case, the “trigger reaction” is the driver stopping the car. Using this example we can see that this “trigger” ---> survival instinct ---> “trigger reaction” model can be used to define every facet of human daily existence, and moreover the basic fundamental processes of which the human mental “algorithmic matrices” are made of. A matrix in essence is a set of laws that govern behavior.

Also very important to understanding, is the fact that survival instinct is the chemical compounds that are composed of other base chemicals in our bodies that we intake through food and environment. During survival Instinct which is instantaneous in time, certain chemicals are released into our blood, organs, flesh, our whole bodies, and then produce other chemical reactions, and reproduce chemical compound mixtures. These chemical reactions, we misunderstand and call emotions. For example, the red light approaches and the driver almost forgets to stop, seeing the red light approaching very quickly, the body is flooded with adrenaline, which causes our body to react more quickly. This flooding of chemicals in this instance is then misinterpreted as the emotion called "fear". This is very important to understand, as the chemical reaction point is the point at which a subverted ideology, foreign person, or any other foreign interjection is less noticed, less resisted, and becomes mores acceptable because of the chemicals released into the body. Remember that there are different chemical releases from different triggers, so the type of chemical release will have differing effects with different types of interjections, and some types of interjections will not take properly with certain chemical releases. Also remember that every trigger relies directly on which chemicals react on the cortex, stimulating reflex, and thus, "Survival Instinct" can now be defined as chemical compound mixtures that react on the cortex causing reflex, as well as the chemical compounds that cause increased or decreased reflex time and can also affect the upper hemispheres of the brain.

Consistent creation and Suppression of a chemical release can also aid in causing the trigger to produce the desired chemical release, as well as help to cause acceptance of the subverted ideology used to cause correct trigger reaction. The chemical suppression buildup eventually must be released, and the release is done in a predisposed manner causing correct "trigger reaction", if the ideological subversion has been properly accepted by target individual. The chemical suppression method does not have to be done using the actual "trigger" as long as the chemical release is the same as the release caused by trigger, and is effectively helping to stimulate the actual "trigger". We are here only causing a long term suppression or buildup of chemical, which must eventually release. Picture mentally, blowing up a balloon until it eventually pops.

Associated triggers and associated trigger reactions are called variable input within the matrices parameters. These associations do not need to be constant, and are not always present, and can typically be by themselves other triggers and trigger reactions. For instance, stopping at the red light, the driver notices another car already stopped, the other car is an associated “trigger”, and the driver stops behind the other car, in this case stopping behind the other car is the associated “trigger reaction”. You can also see that by itself the other "associated trigger" can be a "trigger" and the "associated trigger reaction" could be a "trigger reaction". So for example, the other car moves lanes and you change lanes to go around it. The other car is the "trigger" and changing lanes is the "trigger reaction".

In order to further understand I will explain the basic physiological reaction at which a reflex occurs. The upper hemispheres of the brain are where all centres are stored. A centre is as I described in the diagram 1.1 below. Each centre is a stimulus that is tied to a reflex and which also contains within it a stored memory of chemical release that dictates the type of reflex. The cerebral cortex is the group of nerves that react to the chemical release, this reaction is called excitation. The chemicals needed to produce reflex are always present in trace amounts throughout your body. Remember that we have now dubbed these chemical compound mixtures as "survival instinct" instead of emotions, as the nervous reaction to trace amounts of these chemical compound mixtures are not as noticeable as the feelings one might expect, and that we mistakenly call emotions, perhaps not noticeable at all. The excitation continues through the nervous system into the appropriate pathways into the nerve endings in what we call reaction, or a group of reactions known as a reflex. Excitation of the nervous system will undoubtedly continue until the chemical excitation of the cortex has abated and been depleted. There are many works on this subject and I suggest that you read Ivan Pavlov's "conditioned reflexes: an investigation into the physiological activity of the cerebral cortex".

Now you must understand how to create a conditioned reflex which is vital to our study. The best way to understand this has already been produced by Ivan Pavlov and so I will here quote him instead of rewriting something unnecessarily. "We come now to consider the precise conditions under which new conditioned reflexes or new connections of nervous paths are established. The fundamental requisite is that any external stimulus which is to become the signal in a conditioned reflex must overlap in point of time with the action of an unconditioned stimulus. In the experiment which I chose as my example the unconditioned stimulus was food. Now if the intake of food by the animal takes place simultaneously with the action of a neutral stimulus which has been hitherto in no way related to food, the neutral stimulus readily acquires the property of eliciting the same reaction in the animal as would food itself. This was the case with the dog employed in our experiment with the metronome. On several occasions this animal had been stimulated by the sound of the metronome and immediately presented with food -- i.e. a stimulus which was neutral of itself had been superimposed upon the action of the inborn alimentary reflex. We observed that, after several repetitions of the combined stimulation, the sounds from the metronome had acquired the property of stimulating salivary secretion and of evoking the motor reactions characteristic of the alimentary reflex. The first [p.27] demonstration was nothing but an example of such a conditioned stimulus in action. Precisely the same occurs with the mild defence reflex to rejectable substances. Introduction into the dog's mouth of a little of an acid solution brings about a quite definite responsive reaction. The animal sets about getting rid of the acid, shaking its head violently, opening its mouth and making movements with its tongue. At the same time it produces a copious salivary secretion. The same reaction will infallibly be obtained from any stimulus which has previously been applied a sufficient number of times while acid was being introduced into the dog's mouth. Hence a first and most essential requisite for the formation of a new conditioned reflex lies in a coincidence in time of the action of any previously neutral stimulus with some definite unconditioned stimulus. Further, it is not enough that there should be overlapping between the two stimuli; it is also and equally necessary that the conditioned stimulus should begin to operate before the unconditioned stimulus comes into action.
If this order is reversed, the unconditioned stimulus being applied first and the neutral stimulus second, the conditioned reflex cannot be established at all. Dr. Krestovnikov performed these experiments with many different modifcations and controls, but the effect was always the same. The following are some of his results: In one case 427 applications were made in succession of thc odour of vanillin together with the introduction of acid into the dog's mouth, but the acid was always made to precede the vanillin by some 5 to 10 seconds. Vanillin failed to acquire the properties of a conditioned stimulus. However, in the succeeding experiment, in which the order of stimuli was reversed, the odour, this time of amyl acetate, became an effective conditioned stimulus after only 20 combinations. With another dog the loud buzzing of an electric bell set going 5 to 10 seconds after administration of food failed to establish a conditioned alimentary reflex even after 374 combinations, whereas the regular rotation of an object in front of the eyes of the animal, the rotation beginning before the administration of food, acquired the properties of a conditioned stimulus after only 5 combinations. The electric buzzer set going before the administration of food established a conditioned alimentary reflex after only a single combination." - Ivan Pavlov 1927

 Now that we understand better how to create a conditioned reflex, we are ready to learn a modern example. The example we are going to deal with today is the implantation of a trigger that will reproduce an excitation through chemical release within the body similar to that of a psycho-stimulant such as cocaine or methamphetamine. 

The music is produced with an almost undetectable vibrato used in the vocal harmonization process. This same vibrato is reproduced into the vocal lines of all music and musicians that are to be used as triggers. Now a psycho-stimulant is introduced in mass quantities into the population and is consumed readily by the unawares public. Provocateurs are here employed to sell the drug, play the music, and after the music is already playing, the provocateur encourages usage of the psycho-stimulant. From here we can understand what will occur after repetition of this process. Obviously a conditioned reflex will be established to the vibrato. The reflex in this case being the reproduction of the chemical release in lesser degree, though the same as that which the psycho-stimulant causes on entering the body.  You can see how this could cause you to want to purchase other music that you hear after the conditioned reflex has been established. This particular excitation also could be used to create a positive connection to any specific ideology that might be employed as lyrical content. More on this subject later. 

A chain reflex is a series of conditioned reflexes, one after another, and dependent on one another in a sequential order. Environment is key to stimulating these chain-reflex. So environment becomes as the trigger, setting off a series of conditioned reflexes with the end result being the trigger reaction. For example, when one wakes up in the morning, there is a series of events that take place dependent totally on conditioning, which might include, showering, brushing ones teeth, making coffee, and reading the news, though not necessarily in that order. If for instance, you do not live inside of a home, the series of events would differ, depending on environment that is the trigger, and the conditioning that one has undertaken within the given lifespan, which ends in various expectant result. It is through this knowledge that we begin to understand the concept of ideology. Ideology is a set of conditioned reflexes that are triggered by environment and end in various result.

(note to reader - here we are again studying the lower mid level strategic node, see note at bottom of next few paragraphs.)
Let us properly examine a typical chain reflex. First we would need to examine a given ideology, which in this case I have chosen “Gangsterism” as it is produced through rap music. Obviously right away, when listening to the rap music we can discern a specific pattern of events that transpire within the lyrical content. First we might hear how the rapper just got out of jail, then we will hear about his money which makes jail acceptable circumstance. Immediately following, we will hear him give a lecture of sorts of how he obtains his money through illegal means, and how to properly maintain the structure of the illegal operations. This will typically be followed by accreditation for his time in jail and monetary accomplishments, and it is typical to hear the rapper call himself an O.G. which means “original gangster”. This name is typically attributed to the “credit” he has earned through fighting against the system that has “kept him down”. If we take each part of what the “gangster rapper” is saying in sequence of events, and examine them as individual “conditioned reflex” or trigger and trigger reactions, it looks, depending upon rapper being utilized, and environment it is being distributed into, something like this: Jail--->due to monetary action; monetary accomplishment--->due to illegal activity; fun party--->due to end of jail time served; credit--->due to amount of jail time served; power--->fighting against the controlled low standard of living, and we begin to understand that none of these “conditioned reflexes” are independent of one another and are themselves completely dependent on environment in order to trigger the series of “conditioned reflexes” which invariably will have the end result of jail time. The pattern here emerges in figure 1.2, shown below.

It is here important to understand that the “chain reflex” is accepted at the point that the trigger actuates response, even though the “chain reflex” or “ideology” has been ingested through various forms of social media and resultant social interaction long before the “chain reflex” is triggered. This part can be difficult to understand and I suggest going back over this section quite a few times before moving on. Though it is environment that triggers the “chain reflex” and also causes acceptance, there is another process that takes place long before either acceptance or triggering of the “chain reflex” can occur. This process is of creating an environment capable of fostering a “chain reflex” or “ideological” injection. In order to do this we must use the chemical release and suppression technique that I taught you earlier, only with some variances utilized in technique. See diagram 1.3 below. This is the process of blowing up the proverbial “chemical balloon”, which will be “popped” by the environment that the balloon is put into. Now picture yourself as the balloon and then being thrown out of your parents house at the age of eighteen into a hostile environment or controlled low standard of living, of which there is no possible escape. This environmental triggering of “chain reflex” also is the exact point in time at which the individual will accept the “ideology” or “chain reflex”. Example: Thrown into the controlled low standard of living, the youth recalls the details of the “gangsterism” that was fostered during youth, and inevitably breaks the law.

Of course, this process can also utilize a forced methodology, in which the individual is kept purposefully from any other form of substantial monetary gain, and thus the individual must break the law in order to gain profit. “Reformist policy” also known as lack of subsidy, coupled with illegal immigration would also here be applicable, in order to drive up the cost of living and drive the wage increasingly lower due to demand, which could be later utilized to create acceptance of the denial of entitlements guaranteed by the constitution. All of which is part of stimulating the “trigger” until the “trigger” itself becomes the stimulus. Now we can see diagram 1.4 below. 

(note - This is the typical lower mid level node... so We will see here that the maoist will {stimulate the (poverty)[poverty is the trigger] and allow for reward for correct trigger reaction  (crime).  Obviously here we know that ideological injection comes at the point that the poverty has been accepted and crime seems to be the only way out. Ideological injection is here ingested into new connections or (centeres) within your mind forming during this period [especially during youthful ages 12-24 years old] which are all each individual stimulus-response and together now making a chain reflex [chain reflex is crime and violence due to poverty in this case. The poverty obviously created and controlled, we can call controlled low standard of living.]) (Further note - We now begin to see that "behavioral engineering' is possible, and that United States politicians are involved in using communists maoist tactics against our youth in order to create a communist police state. We can see plainly how law enforcement perpetuates its own failure as a form of monetary gain, obviously they wont clean up the drugs from coming into the nation through foreign corridors because then they will not be necessary nor will they get the extra 58 billion dollars or more the next year. This is very important to understand, because the maoist tactic relies on creating the drug problem, so that they can take power from their own drug trafficking problem when they "clean up the streets". The corrupt politicians are obviously in knowledge of this tactic and will continue to fail to "clean up the streets" completely, so that they can do it all again later. Remember that when the communist Mao originally created the drug war strategy, he murdered over 40 million of his own people. )

sources -



Dualism Trigger

For this type of trigger we shall be examining the different reflex actions and utilization, between a dual organism, the human being, which consists of two halves, a male and a female half. Up until now we have not shown how a chain reflex can be used to condition another chain reflex, and thus for this reason I have chosen this modality to introduce this, as this also provides another aspect, which until now we have also not touched upon, which is of conditioning reflex through generational conditioning. Obviously both halves of the whole human organism must be utilized, whereas the female half of the organism is utilized as the conditioned controller, which conditions the male half through physical excitation and release of chemical suppression. The conditioning of the female half of the organism is passed through generations of females one to another, unconscious of the entire process, and so we can see that the chain reflex is taught one to another female through what we call ideology. This we term generational-conditioned-chain-reflex.

For this we shall need to use a different style of diagram or chart as it were. Before the introduction of chart we shall need to understand another basic, measurement, in which we will also need to use observation as that measurement. I have not taught this until now for a very good reason, which I can assume you already understand as there are too many functions within the given study to be able to memorize them all simultaneously. We here inject a new knowledge before continuing with study of dualism trigger.

Measurement in observation of reaction

The necessity of observation as a form of measurement becomes apparent as the usage of overt or direct means of measurement would cause “target” subjects to become aware of the study ( here we will need to measure in drops of chemical compound mixture causing excitatory stimulation of cerebral cortex ) and therefore add an extra stimulus that could create a negative reinforcement of conditioning, even if “target” subjects were willing to participate in the study. Therefore we shall create a new form of measurement that we shall call observation-measurement.

Using the same empirical idea of measurement, we can automatically assume that reaction can be measured in terms of excitation that is manifested physically by “target” subjects. That is assuming that studies have been done already on amount of chemical release and suppression in cc's and resultant manifested physical excitation. Now we can see that certain amounts of chemical release and suppression manifest in a physically observable fashion, and through different amounts of chemical release and suppression we see manifest physically differing reactions and levels of reaction due to differing levels of excitation that is now understood to be in direct relation to amount of chemical release and suppression.

Let us here now insert some form of numerical substance to the process we already have substantiated. We shall use the amount in relative cc's of chemical compound mixture as accompany observable excitation. Remember, that excitation of the cerebral cortex by chemical compound mixture the the body naturally exerts is always followed through the nervous pathway into the appropriate nerve cell endings, and excitatory response does not manifest completely during conditioned delay, until release, which is the period at which, in this case, the nerve endings are acted upon and the chemical release naturally abates, and also the chemical compound mixture that stimulates the cerebral cortex is depleted.

Dualism Trigger Continued

Where as the male shows immediate sexual excitation when introduced to the female half of the organism within the controlled environment, the female shows no excitation until certain criteria have been met ( conditioned inhibition )we shall call this - Phase 1. As she begins to see that the male has met these certain conditions ( doing what he is supposed to, e.g. job, following the law etc. ) she begins to show excitation, while the male exhibits no excitation at all as he is busying himself with the required activity ( this is proof of conditioned delay of inhibition in the male subject )during this stage we shall call – Phase 2. As the excitation builds within the female of the dual organism, she begins to react to the male in a physical manner, and the male begins to also show excitation until the vaginal cavity must be stimulated with penile insertion and vice versa ( rubbing of the nerve endings of both the male and female of the organism ) and continued stimulation satisfying the cortex excitation, of which chemical release and suppression is used until completely diminished. We shall call this - Phase 3.

In this manner the male of the dual organism is conditioned using the female excitatory process through repetitive positive reinforcement in a cyclic fashion. We can here call – Phase 1 also - Phase 4 - as this is cyclic in nature and allows for the process to repeat itself as long as the physiological state of the dual organism is kept within the controlled environment. So directly following - Phase 4 is - Phase 2, as Phase 4 is known now as also Phase 1 when the process is repeating.

For this study I have had to guess at amounts in cc's, so the chart is not completely accurate as studies of these types are typically frowned upon and not legal. I was unable to measure the chemical compound mixture in cc's relative to the observable excitation. I used instead a method of guessing the amount in cc's whilst I observed a typical dualism trigger and for this instance it was necessary to show some numerical value for representation, it is not accurate. I also did not create any of the circumstances in which I was observing, but only observed a typical pattern of a conditioned chain reflex as it has already been established. Please now refer to diagram 2.1 
In this particular study, we are studying the chemical compound mixture that reacts on the cerebral cortex arousing sexual-reflex, which we shall term as propagation-compound-chemical-mixture.

Military psychology

In order to more fully comprehend the military usage of psychological methodology, we should probably start with basic training a.k.a. boot camp, as this is the point at which an individual, typically a person of younger and more vulnerable psyche is introduced.

There are a lot of important psychological factors in basic training, even food plays a major role in the developmental phases, or “trigger implantation” phases.

The general guidelines of a military psychological induction, are to disallow the individual from conscious recognition of what is taking place within their own minds. This is most important, as the induction process relies on the individuals subconscious and lack of conscious interpretation of the process, as recognition would allow the subject to block trigger implantation, fake trigger implantation, or even create ones own triggers, trigger reactions, associated triggers, and associated trigger reactions.

There is a simple process for eliminating triggers, for blocking implantation, or creating ones own trigger, trigger reactions, which I shall teach at the end of this chapter. This is key in adapting to differing cultures throughout the world and being able to properly interpret event structure, allowing a person to discretely interact within a foreign intelligence, maintaining the appearance of an “unawares”.

Now for the processes of induction into the military hierarchy.

In order for any type of psychology to properly manifest, the psyche into which it is introduced must be young and vulnerable. This is the primary reason that military recruits are typically only accepted before the age of 35 years old. Most individuals after the age of 35 are already solidified in their accepted ideology and even through the most rigorous techniques or even torture, cannot be made to give up said ideology. I state torture for obvious reasoning that will become more apparent as we further examine the induction process.

Military trigger implantation relies on several key transitional phases.

The first transitional phase requires being pushed beyond the “pain thresh hold boundary markers”, being constantly bombarded with “negative psychological attacks”, “sleep deprivation”, “chemical stimulation” through proper feeding techniques, “associated familial structuring”, and “compliance accreditation”.

In this instance, being pushed beyond the “pain thresh hold boundary markers” is done not through direct physical attack as one would assume was used in torture. Instead a tactical analysis is prepared for each individual in order to properly “break” the individual will and cause submission to the given military hierarchy or “infrastructure”. The “pain” utilized categorically, will be much less overt, done throughout a much longer period of time, and is mostly accomplished with the help of physical exhaustion in a very repetitive manner, causing severe physical pain by means of excessive exercise.

 The usage of “negative psychological attacks” works much better when introduced during periods of controlled “sleep deprivation”. Note that all techniques described above are utilized together, however, psychology and “sleep deprivation” are symbiotic in relation and in relation to the overall success of the implanted ideology. “Sleep deprivation” is much more controlled through usage of chemical stimulation, as well, “moods” can be controlled more easily through “sleep deprivation” and chemical stimulation together.

“Associated familial structuring”, or perhaps better called re-structuring, is done through controlled feedings ( Food is love of a family and also creates attachment to “survival” of the family as a whole. Ultimately, our very first attachment to “family” comes from our very first feeding.), housing, and in fact through total environmental control and manipulation of given environment, in order to create certain aspects of “family” life that is already generally accepted in all cultures, religions, and ideologies, replacing ones family structure with a new larger family structure, one that gives the individual within the family, guaranteed success through total submission to the “familial” hierarchy.

 “Compliance accreditation” in terms means to be “awarded” and “acknowledged” for submissive behavior that is considered “accomplishment” within the given hierarchical infrastructure. “Awards” and “acknowledgments” are given by commanders withing the hierarchy, though this “accomplishment”, “award”, and “acknowledgment” is used in combination with the “associated familial structuring” and the whole family continues this process of “award” and “acknowledgment” throughout the entirety of the ranks, and provides for the “award” and “acknowledgment” to “feel” as if it in fact comes from the family as a whole. Punishment is also dealt out in a like manner and is key in the “compliance accreditation” process. If one member “succeeds” than the whole “family” “succeeds”, however, if one member “fails” than likewise the whole “family” is punished as a result, and through “compliance accreditation” individuality is uprooted and replaced with a collective mentality.

The usage of "chemical  stimulation" techniques, which includes a buildup of controlled stimulation and suppression through psychology, also relies typically on the ability for the body to produce and reproduce certain chemicals necessary to the physiological medium. In order to produce the chemicals, the body must have the proper set of building block resources needed to manufacture the chemicals, and this is typically done through a controlled diet. For instance, eggs contain sulfur, and sulfur is needed in the creation of the chemical release known as aggression. Understanding the chemical makeup of any chemical release, is vital to the creation of a controlled diet, that will be used to maintain the levels of chemicals released into the body. Remember also that chemicals can be used to help create a confused mental state, such as caffeine, which is used in sleep deprivation, and sleep deprivation causes the ability for a "target" subject to become more acceptable to a foreign ideology, as caffeine gives a temporary heightened alertness, that eventually is followed by a severely depressed mental state of alertness.

"Sleep deprivation" is a sensitive subject, that one must touch on in a calculated fashion. I cannot stress enough on how the information I am providing could be manipulated by a foreign body, misinterpreted, and purposefully disseminated in a negative manner, even possibly damaging to current government entities. With that said, let us move on to clinical matters. This type of deprivation is essential to the conditioned environment that military induction relies, because it creates a mental fog that alleviates the inductee from extraneous environmental excesses, allowing a the instructor to cause focus on the process of conditioning. Lack of mental focus of inductee, causes the inability to concentrate on multiple sources of stimuli, forcing the attention on the matter most important within the immediate range of time, which in this case is graduation from academy. This is vital as outside stimuli can create interference, even though the "target" subject is advancing "normally" within the new structured environment. The inability to focus, also gives the instructor the ability to apply pressures normally not acceptable through such overt means, as it takes every ounce of mental strength the inductee can muster, just to be able to adequately remember the instruction he or she is given. Controlling the amount of sleep deprivation is here vital, as too little sleep can cause too much aggression toward an instructor, which would be counterproductive, and too much sleep would allow for a fully focused mental awareness.


Differing levels of conditioning to prove modern collective psychological manipulation.

It is here necessary to again introduce the “nature vs. nurture” debate. First however, I would like to submit a classic “psychological trauma trigger” for analysis, as this “conditioned reflex” will be the example used in the aforementioned debate. The stimulus in this particular case is a word well known to us all in modern society. No matter how carefully planned, the introduction of this word will undoubtedly bring a colossal mixture of emotions and reactions. What type of emotions and reactions, as well as the severity, depends greatly upon one factor, skin color, which only proves the existence of the stimulus, even before the findings that will be presented through factual based analysis are introduced. The “psychological trauma trigger” we are here examining is the word “nigger”. Notice the reaction you had when you read the word? This proves conditioning, which proves intent.

Everyone knows that the word “nigger” is attached to a particular skin color and a set of negative emotions. The fact that there were underlying principal motivations utilized in the creation of this “psychological trauma trigger”, becomes more obvious through study of the entire mechanism. We already understand that the basis for this type of “conditioned reflex” relies on an ideological subversion process intentionally produced and implanted into the typically young and vulnerable psyche during the pattern of a stimulated and suppressed chemical release. This is important to the overall interpretation of event that leads to the “reaction” phase of the process.

The “psychological trauma trigger” is implanted within a defined methodical pattern. First is the discovery phase. This phase relies on past or current traumatic event, which is repeated or brought to the forefront of the conscious mind, over and over again, until finally, the “target” or “targets” feel subjugated and an emotional pattern can be ascertained. Phase two is of chemistry. Once the pattern of chemical release is identified, a release and suppression method is devised. Phase three, subversion, relies heavily on phase two. Ideological subversion is then injected whilst the “target” is under the chemical creation/suppression control technique. The concocted ideology must follow a strict protocol, one in which the “target” feels empowered through a particular release, depending upon educational environmental acceptance. Phase four is to create attraction to correct “reaction”. A reward and accreditation system is created for the correct “reaction” or set of “reactions” typical to the environment for which they are produced, and can include punishments for improper reaction dependent as well upon environmental standards.

There is not a significant source of detailed research data available to the general public that I could offer as proof of this technique. I can however, prove through different levels of conditioning that the “trigger” mechanism does in fact exist, as well as the role environment plays in determining the severity of “reaction”. This is why I chose the word “nigger” as my example.

If I were to call a black man of high education and good environment a “nigger” to his face, what do you think the “reaction” would be? Probably, he would not become physical after being “triggered” by the word. He would instead use sophistication and intellect in an attempt to educate me on how the use of the word affected him in a negative manner. If I were to continue to call him the word, in essence continued to “trigger” him, he would undoubtedly leave or seek professional law enforcement assistance depending upon a few environmental factors. What if I were to call a black man from a poverty stricken community a “nigger” to his face? Do you think he too would use sophistication and intellect in an attempt to educate me on how I was negatively affecting him? Probably not. In fact he might even become physically abusive, defending himself within his environment.

This is where the nature vs. nurture debate comes into play. Quite obviously, the type of environment that the black man comes from, whether the environment is wealthy or poor, plays a direct role in determining the type of reaction” that results from the “trigger” mechanism. This makes the nature vs. nurture debate very one sided, since we can prove existence of the “trigger” and how environment affects the “reaction” within the mechanism. This also helps to create need in determining circumstance when dealing with race policy, especially “hate crimes” law, and as well, proves that the “trigger” exists through compulsory need for “reaction” despite the type of “reaction”. Further examination of these simple facts leads to the conclusion that laws based upon these types of “trigger” might be being created at the same time the “trigger” mechanism is being manufactured, which in turn causes need for analysis of current political figures and the responsibility of these figures on the environments of which people are forced to endure. The simple fact that the people in power are consistently changing, and therefore the responsibility can be easily passed on to the next faulty elected official who will ultimately fail to ensure economic stability, or even fail to foster economic growth and recovery, through a maintained controlled low standard of living, that is constantly stimulated through “reformist” policy and lack of subsidy during times of immense illegal immigration, that ultimately leads to a lowering wage and a higher cost of living, provides for more circumstantial evidence than any court would need to hear in order to provide the communities with a proper investigation. Unfortunately, the courts currently have too many cases to prosecute due to increased criminal behavior, that is largely attributed to these same factors. If they had more time to order investigation, we might begin to see a pattern that leads to a conclusion of forced human trafficking. 

The Following is an excerpt from Ivan Pavlov's "Conditioned Reflexes: An investigation of the physiological activity of the cerebral cortex", which seems to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that reflexes can be conditioned through opposing stimuli, and that environment, as well as manipulation, plays a key role in the conditioning process;

 "It must also be remembered that in most cases we are not acquainted with the history of the dog before it came into the laboratory, and that we do not know what sort of conditioned reflexes have been established to stimuli which appear to be of the simplest character. But in spite of this we have, in a large number of cases, found it possible to take a strong stimulus which evoked some strong unconditioned response of its own, and still succeed in converting it into a conditioned stimulus for another reflex. Let us take for example a nocuous stimulus, such as a strong electric current or wounding or cauterization of the skin. These are obviously stimuli to vigorous unconditioned defence reflexes. The organism responds by a violent motor reaction directed towards removal of the nocuous stimulus or to its own removal from it. But we may, nevertheless, make use even of these stimuli for the establishment of a new conditioned reflex. Thus in one particular experiment a strong nocuous stimulus -- an electric current of great strength -- was converted into an alimentary conditioned stimulus, so that its application to the skin did not evoke the slightest defence reaction. Instead, the animal exhibited a well-marked alimentary conditioned reflex, turning its [p. 30] head to where it usually received the food and smacking its lips, at the same time producing a profuse secretion of saliva". ~ Ivan Pavlov 1927